Trivia Night 2020

Ladue Dad’s Club Trivia Night
Saturday Night
January 25th 2020 @  6:15pm
At the JCC

The 2020 Dad’s Club Trivia Night


The 2020 Dad’s Club Trivia Night

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The Intrepid Teachers of LHWHS

Dad’s Clubs Trivia Night 2020

Overview and Rules

The event will be held in the Performing Arts Center of the Staenberg Family Complex at the Jewish Community Center (#2 Millstone Campus Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146)

Doors to the event open at 6:15 p.m.; the 1st round of questions will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

Soft drinks and beer will be provided at the event. Participants are allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages, coolers and food

Participation in the event is limited to parents of children attending Ladue Middle School or Ladue High School, staff and administration of both schools and the Ladue School District and their respective guests

Each team will include up to 10 people seated at a table; there is no minimum number of people required on your team to begin play

There is no official theme for the trivia night event, but we encourage teams to be creative in selecting team names for their teams

The team captain will select a team scribe for their table. The team scribe will be responsible for writing down the answers to the questions and turning them into the scorer’s table at the end of each round

There will be 10 rounds of questions, with each round consisting of 10 questions

Each round will begin with the MC reading the question aloud; teams will be given one minute to answer the question before the next question is read. After the 10th question of each round, there will be a two minute interval to allow teams an opportunity to finish completing their score sheet. Once all of the teams have turned in their score sheets for each round, the MC will then read the answers to the questions.

Each table will have an opportunity to purchase “mulligans”; these are stickers that you affix to your score sheet that automatically give you a correct answer for a question. Mulligans will be sold at the event check-in table for $5 each. There is a maximum of 5 mulligans per table and teams may use no more than one mulligan for each round.

Teams will be awarded one point for each correct answer. At the conclusion of each round, scores will be posted for each team on a screen by the podium. The team with the lowest cumulative posted score at the end of each round will receive a lovely bouquet of balloons that will remain at their table for the duration of the subsequent round until the cumulative scores are recalculated and posted. The lowest scoring table can pay $20 to have the balloons moved to the table of the next lowest scoring table at any point during a round. There is no limit to how many times the balloons can be moved in a round.

The team with the highest point total at the conclusion of the 10 rounds will be declared the winner and will receive a cash prize of $200. The 2nd place team will receive a cash prize of $75. On the round #1 scoresheet, each team will write down the total number of points they think their team will score for the 10 rounds. In the event of a tie in total points, the team that comes closest to their estimated point total without going over it will be declared the winner.

The team with the lowest overall point total at the conclusion of the 10 rounds will be forced to take home the lovely bouquet of balloons. In the event of a tie, the team with the greatest difference between their estimated point total and their final score is declared the “low score winner”.

At the conclusion of the event, each team will clean up their table and dispose of any remaining trash and recyclable items.

Official Rules

  1.   Have fun
  2.   The official answers for all of the questions at the event are deemed final and no challenges will be considered. You would be surprised how serious people can get.
  3.   Use of smart phones or mobile devices to assist in answering questions in any fashion during the event is not allowed.
  4.   The Dad’s Club reserves the right to refuse participation to any team not meeting the eligibility requirements stated above.

Unofficial Rules

  1.   Pick a team scribe that has legible penmanship
  2.   Coordinate your team table menu in advance with your guests so you have all of the essential food groups (e.g. snacks, healthy, protein, deserts).
  3.   Since no cups, plates, napkins or utensils are provided at the event, team captains typically bring those for the table or delegate someone else to do so
  4.   Bring a wine/bottle opener; most craft beers are not twist-offs.
  5.   Make sure to inspect your neighbors’ tables and sample their stuff; invite others to come to your table to do the same. It is a great way to meet new people and try new things.
  6.   Make at least two new acquaintances at the event
  7.   If you bring a spouse, don’t argue with them about a question during the event. It is much better to argue on the way home in the privacy of your own car.

Still have questions? Contact Joe Mulligan at 314-503-4384 or